Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Online Grocery Shopping VS Grocery Supermarket

          Online Grocery Shopping                Grocery Supermarket

             1) Saving Time & No Traffic                          1) Spending Time & Heavy Traffic

             2) No Need for parking                                     2)Finding for a parking spot

             3)More Discounts & coupons                           3)Less Discounts

             4)Free Home Delivery                                     4)Heavy luggage

             5)No need to wait for billing                             5)Waiting For Billing

Online Grocery




It appears, that after we gave online shopping a try - we found it so convenient and delightful. 
This process was quick,no stress,no risky .All groceries are delivered within Time & reducing the stress of having to visit a supermarket.The biggest advantage of online stores is that you can browse through thousands of products in just a matter of a few minutes.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Now Shop your Groceries Online

Now Shop your Groceries Online

online grocery

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Online Grocery Shopping & Save Money

Online grocery shopping is an alternative to physically going to the grocery store. Today, people are much more alert about ways to save money. With online grocery shopping, you can reduce your grocery expenses. Most people find it unusual at first to shop for groceries on the Internet, but as you get used to it, you will realize that it does provide convenience and helps your family grocery budget.
Grocery List
Just like going to the grocery store, with online shopping you should also have a grocery list. The grocery list will help you save time in ordering online. You do have an advantage. By just looking at your pantry, you will know what you need to order, but that can be taxing for you as you have to go back and forth from the kitchen to your computer. So, you will see it is more convenient to keep your grocery list on hand before you do your online grocery shopping.
Track and Compare Prices
With your grocery list, take note of the prices of the things you regularly buy. Check the prices between online stores that offer the same item. Some items may appear cheaper in a store but in that same store, some items on your list are priced higher than in other stores. If you can, compute the total of your groceries in different stores so you know where to shop the cheapest.
Online Coupons
Search for coupons online. Coupons are readily available online for you to use. They can help you save money and can give you great bargains as well. But, stick with coupons for items that are within your list. Buying things that you do not need even at bargain prices increase your expenses and cannot help you save.
Sale Items             
Whether online or offline shopping, there are items on sale. Most of online shopping sites will offer discount vouchers and deals so you do not miss out on bargains. With online shopping, you have the power to check most online shops that offer the lowest prices by just sitting in front of your computer. So be alert on online shops that have sale items. But, be sure to buy only what you need. Buying in the store itself will lure you to buy things you do not need. Online shopping also has ways to entice you to buy things that you think you need but do not really. Buy sale items that have long expiration dates and are not easily perishable.
Delivery Charges
Grocery stores online have delivery fees. Always include this to your grocery budget. Online grocery shopping can reduce your petrol costs of physically going to the store but delivery charges may take up that savings. Check and compare this fee as this can affect your expense.
Online grocery shopping is not only convenient, but can give you more room to do other productive things. It may seem like a lazy thing to do, but in the long run, buying your groceries online will save you not just money but also time in your already busy schedule.

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